Thursday, 25 October 2007

Not Feeling My Sisterlocks

Okay, today is a day of honesty.

I am really not feeling these sisterlocks.

First, the notion of "low" maintenance is a myth. Well, it is for me right now. Because the twisting and banding process just to wash my hair, takes at least 30 minutes and let's not talk about the de-banding process! But get this - I have to (well, I am supposed to) go through this process twice a week to encourage locking.

Okay so these sisterlocks are feeling a little high maintenance right now.

Next, let's talk about style. Now one of the MAJOR reasons for me getting sisterlocks was to be able to sport some cute hairstyles. Well, it's like I need a hair style intervention. This "Al Sharpton" curly snatch back look is getting a little old for me. And get this - the styles DON'T LAST! I might as well still be straight up natural no locks, if I gotta be re-rolling every two days.

I shared my dissatisfaction with hubbie, he told me to give it some time, so I will. We all know that I get bored easily. I wonder if I have hair ADD :-)


Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Living With Sisterlocks

I have to admit, once my sisterlocks were installed I had a moment where I thought - "I can't wait for them to grow and mature so that I can wear them in some of my favorite styles." (see, for example, the styles featured on this site )

Then, I told myself not to rush the process and I made a promise to myself that I would enjoy my sisterlocks every step of the way.

So, I have come up with a style that I like for this stage. It's pretty easy to achieve. I mist my locks with water and set them on rollers. Initially, I used rollers that were too small in the front so I re-set the front using Caruso steam rollers a couple of days later.

Here's the latest picture which was taken a couple of days later.

I'll have to enlist the help of hubbie to start capturing pictures of the back :-)