Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Funky Blues Are Over

Okay - I have gotten over my sisterlock "blues" that I posted about earlier.

I discovered Sistalocd's blog where she recommended using small scrunchies instead of rubber bands to band the hair for washing.

I immediately went to my daughters room to "borrow" her small scrunchies and went to work! It made such a difference. Now, washing my hair is not such a chore.

Also, I've been reminded of the end result. Check out this link. This is how I would like my hair to look in the future :-)


Maryee said...

Glad your Sisterlock blues are over. Hang in there. Tuere's locks are something worth looking forward to. She's a true SL diva! I'll check back in on ya soon! Blessings.

sunsail said...

Wow. I saw Tuere's picture through a fellow brittish blogger... amazing hair. My consultant's hair is like that... beautiful!