Thursday, 13 March 2008

Am I The Only One Who Hasn't Heard of Boots Products?

Has anyone ever tried Boots products? Has anyone ever heard of Boots?

Well, apparently they are based out of the UK and are now selling in larger Target stores in the U.S. Here's a press release regarding their entry into the U.S. market.

I happened upon the Boots display, or should I say, aisle, today while perusing the cosmetics section of Target. I didn't "really" plan to purchase any cosmetics - I just went in there to get a cosmetic travel bag for a bridal shower gift. After spotting the one that I wanted to get - I did a little wondering in the aisles.

When I got to the Boots aisle, I was surprised to see a representative from the company there talking to another customer. I was like wow - this must be some serious stuff if they have a rep here in Target, nonetheless. Apparently the other customer was familiar with Boots products in the U.K. and commented on how she was happy to not have to pay pounds for the products. It seems like the products cost more in the U.K. than here in the U.S.

Well, we all know that I am a little high maintenance when it comes to customer service. So I excitedly awaited my turn to talk to the rep to find out just what this boots stuff is all about. To make a long story short, I left Target with quite a few boots products. I must say I was really impressed with the pigmentation in their pink eye shadow. Unfortunately, they were sold out. I also liked the fact that they had demos that you could try. A very department store "feel", you know, in Target.

The rep had successfully instructed me on the many beneficial aspects of their skin care products so - I purchased a few!

I wasn't exactly "in the market" for new skin care items. I had been considering trying something new since my current regimen, while good at first, seemed to be stalling out on me. I noticed that the moisturizer wasn't so moisturizing. Like I said - I am pretty high maintenance when it comes to customer service. Since the Boots rep gave me so much of her undivided attention and took the time to explain the products and company history to me - I was an easy sell.

Now, let's see how good the products work!


Marcia said...

So, I decided to start my blog (still under construction) BUT I wanted to see what yours looked like---and low and behold, you had a new post....And you know I'm one of Target's number 1 customers (according to Myles)...sooo No I haven't heard of Boots Products..and I can't wait to get more details....This is products...more to add to my tell...

CarmenNC said...

I haven't heard of Boots either. Bootsy Collins, hahaha. Please post a picture with you all done up.

skyy2000 said...

I have tried the lip gloss and I love it. It is has just enough color but not too much. Thanks for telling me about it!!

allSLockedup said...

Booth's. The product line includes body oils, lotions, body wash etc. I just recently bought the 4-in-1 body lotion (Vanilla Butter). I have previously purchased the honey and almond body butter.

I love these products. I have found them at Wal-mart and Walgreens.